Steve Watson


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                Cultural History of Sumer

                       The civilisation was not static but dynamic. Its nature changed with time.

                Naturalised Epistemology of Logic

                       How do animals like us come to believe the things we think we know about Logic?





                Résumé de Zoroastrisme

                       Des origines et des doctrines originales de Zoroastrisme  

                       et leurs significations pour les religions des temps ultérieurs.

                Structure of Intentions

                       The mental structure and processes that are implied by standard intentional accounts.

                Argument Intuitions

                       Understanding why we think some arguments are good and others are bad.

                Unconventional Identity

                       The grounds for identity depend upon the intended function of the statement of identity.

                Analysis of Normativity

                       A phenomenological analysis indicates the likely origin of the concept of normativity.

                Art and Knowledge

                       Art may be an essential source of knowledge of new and refined emotional states.