Steve Watson


      Information: Writings: A Naturalised Epistemology of Logic



        1.             Introduction

                                Scope of the study.

        2.             Logical Argument

                                 The nature of arguments. Logical arguments are characterized by the involvement of a 'certifying intuition'.

        3.             Logical Psychologism

                                The position outlined will be called Psychologism. This accusation is harmless.

        4.             Logical Content

                                 Isolating the elements of arguments which are relevant to the activation of the certifying intuition.

        5.             Logical Form  

                                 The relationship between logical content and logical form. Historical study of that concept.

        6.             Logical Thought

                                 How the certifying intuition may be activated by features of sentences in Natural Language.

        7.             Conclusion

                                   What has been shown.