Steve Watson


      Information: Writings: A Cultural History of Sumer






                                Brief notes on the historical and geographical environment of the Sumerian civilization

        1.             The Predynastic Period

                                A study of early southern Mesopotamian archaeological periods with special reference to

the development of Sumerian culture.

        2.             The Material Culture of the Early Dynastic Period

Art and architecture of the earliest Sumerian culture.

        3.             The Emergence of Sumer

An outline of the development of the recognisably Sumerian cultural elements of the

Early Dynastic period from the culture of the Predynastic period.

        4.             The Mythology of Sumer

The Cosmology, Cosmogony and Pantheon of Sumer, with paraphrases and analyses of

all the myths which have been preserved.  

        5.             The First Early Dynasties
                                The first dynasties of Kish, Uruk and Ur in the Early Dynastic period, and the Heroic Age of Sumer.

        6.             Epic Tales from the Heroic Age
Sumerian epic tales concerning Enmerkar, Lugalbanda and Gilgamesh.

        7.             The Later Early Dynasties

                                The history of the later Early Dynastic period and the dominance of the First Dynasty of


        8.             Documents from the Early Dynastic Period

Documents illustrating the political struggles of the Early Dynastic period.

        9.             The Sumerian City

The forms and functions of the Sumerian city in its mature form up to the end of the

Early Dynastic period.

        10.          Cities of Sumer

The historical characters and archaeological features of some major Sumerian cities

        11.          The Empire of Akkad

The history of the Land from the establishment of Sargon's empire to the Gutian


        12.          Documents Concerning the Akkadian Period

Legends, folklore, and some records relating to the history of the Empire of Agade.

        13.          The Akkadian Contribution

The culture of the Akkadian period with particular notice of the contribution of the

Semites to Sumerian culture.

        14.          The Poems of Enheduanna

Poems of Sargonís daughter in the service of Sargonís empire.

        15.          Liberation and the Empire of Ur III

The history of Sumer from the time of the dominance of Lagash II to the fall of Ur III.

        16.          Documents of Liberation and Empire

Historical documents from the Neo-Sumerian period.

        17.          The Neo-Sumerian Period

The civilisation of the Neo-Sumerian Period, principally as expressed in the Empire of Ur III.

        18.          Documents of the Neo-Sumerian Period

Documents illustrating the civilization of the Neo-Sumerian Period.

        19.          The Isin-Larsa Period

The last period of Sumerian power and the achievement of the permanent ascendancy of the 

Semites in Mesopotamia.

        20.          Documents for the Isin-Larsa Period

Documents relating to the history of the Isin-Larsa Period.

        21.          The Submergence of Sumer

Changes in the civilization and culture of the Land and the end of the Sumerian domination 

of Mesopotamia

        22.          Documents for the Submergence of Sumer

Documents relating to the twilight of he Sumerian civilization.

                    Appendix 1

The Sumerian King List and the Tummal Inscription.  

                    Appendix 2

Calendar, metrology, numerals.