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        West Turkestan

A database of resources on Hellenistic and Imperial Central Asian studies




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                MFA of Uzbekistan. This is the visa application page.

                MFA of Uzbekistan. This is the consular directory page.




        East Turkestan              






                Ancient Khotan’ (by Aurel Stein?)



                The Tun Huang Lu--Dunhuang and Its Region in the Late T'ang Period

                Visitor information and much else besides

                      International Dunhuang Project

                Friends of Dunhuang

                A secret library, digitally excavated

                The Whereabouts of the Tibetan Manuscripts from Dunhuang

                Through the Eyes of Duan Wenjie: A book on Dunhuang Art.

central and area maps, lodging and dining recommendations, sightseeing information, and transportation details.