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      Information: Resources: Space



        General Websites



                The NASA site

        The Planetary Society

                The world's largest space-interest group

        The Space Review

                Essays and commentary about the final frontier

                Space news as it happens

                Essays and commentary about the final frontier

        The Space Fellowship

                A general space news links page 


        Data Sites



                Astronomical links: star lists, exoplanets, objects in space.

        Non-Messier Objects Indexes

                By the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space

        The Nine (8) Planets

                Bill Arnett's multimedia tour of the Solar System


                Catalog of Exoplanets

                        The Planetary Society's regularly updated database of all known exoplanets.

                The Extrasolar Planets Encyclopaedia

                        Jean Schneider of CNRS/LUTH - Paris Observatory

                New Worlds Atlas

                        Listing the exoplanets


        Visionary Sites


        For a Future in Space

                Nasa Institute for Advanced Concepts

                        The 'Studies' page. Amazing stuff.

                Mars Foundation

                        To arrive, survive, and thrive


                        The collaborative resource for building a colony on the Red Planet

                Colony Worlds

                        Seeking out new homes on new worlds

                Island One Society

                        Following the dream of Gerard K. O'Neill to the High Frontier

                Advancing New Space

                        The website of the Space Frontier Foundation

                Orbital Hub

                        Information hub for space exploration, engineering, and science news

                The Space Elevator Blog

                        Blog of the ISEC


                Astronomy Picture of the Day

                        Just fascinating images.

                Atlas of the Universe

                        What does the universe look like? Here are 9 maps on increasing scales


                        Pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope


                        Pictures from the Chandra X-Ray Observatory from Harvard University


                Solar System Simulator

                        The JPL gives you the option to see anything in the Solar System

                Solar System Live

                        John Walker at Fourmilab gives you the same from many viewpoints

                Stellarium (Windows|Mac) 

                        Stellarium is billed as a "planetarium for your computer."

                Orbiter Spaceflight Simulator

                        A free flight simulator that goes beyond the confines of Earth's atmosphere