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        Link sites


                        A link farm to journals and other websites

                Useful Philosophy Links

                        B Janz's page of links. Very impressive.

                Erratic Impact

                        Massively useful guide to online resources

                Guide to Philosophy on the Internet

                        Peter Suber's (2003) link farm to all kinds of resources

                Ethics Updates

                        Lawrence Hinman's ethics resources site

        Content sites

                Philosopher's Digest

                        Timely reviews of current philosophy articles

                Philosophy Now

                        A magazine of ideas

                TPM Online

                        The Philosophers' Magazine. They also have a Blog

                Philosophy Pages

                        Garth Kemerling's study guides and other student resources

                The Edge

                        Promoting inquiry into and discussion of intellectual, philosophical, artistic, and literary issues

                Butterflies and Wheels

                        Fighting fashionable nonsense

                From My Notebooks

                        Miscellaneous lectures, papers, etc., from Norman Swartz

                An Introduction to Philosophy

                        An online textbook by Dr. Philip A. Pecorino, with links to other resources

                The Determinism and Freedom Philosophy Website

                        Ted Honderich offers a good selection of the most important pieces of writing on these topics





                The Philosophers' Zone

                        ABC Radio National audio and transcripts of their Saturday programmes

                The History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps

                        Peter Adamson does as advertised.

                Philosophy Talk

                        KALW Information Radio, San Francisco, audio of their Sunday programs. Requires registration

                In Our Time

                        BBC4. Melvyn Bragg and guests investigate the history of ideas. Thursday 9.00-9.45am, repeated 9.30pm.

                Philosophy Bites

                        Podcasts of top philosophers interviewed on bite-sized topics...

                Point of Inquiry

                        Podcasts from the Center for Inquiry


                Philosophy Forums



                Philosophical Weblogs

                        A list of blogs run by/for groups, academics, students, amateurs.





        Classic Texts in Ethics

                A page from Hinman's ethics site.

        American Philosophy Online Texts

                A collection of links to classic texts by Gordon L. Ziniewicz.


                University of Adelaide.

        Early Modern Texts

                J. F. Bennet.

        On-line Books Page

                University of Pennsylvania.

        The PhilSci Archive

                Pittsburg University preprint archive service for philosophy of science.

        Lists of Philosophical works

                Maintained at the Free University of Berlin

        Humanities Text Initiative

                University of Michigan.

        Index of /ftp.items/Library/Classic/. 

                Wiretap Spies

        Islamic Philosophy Online 

                Philosophia Islamica: dictionaries, resource links, translations, etc.

        Internet Encyclopedias

                Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

                Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy


                Encéphi: Encyclopédie hypertexte de la Philosophie


                A Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names

                Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind



                        David Chalmers' collection of philosophy of mind papers accessible online

                Online Papers in Philosophy

                        'You think, we link!' it says. 


                        The Scholarly Journal archive (accessed via my UQ library account.)

                Philosopher's Index

                        Recent articles archive (accessed via my UQ library account.)


                        The newly merged site accesses philosophical research online

        Journal Links

                Peter Milne
                Peter King




                 Google Scholar



        Chinese Philosophy Resources


        Chinese Text Project

                Donald Sturgeon.

        Chinese Cultural Studies: Texts

                P. Halsall's CUNY course resources.


        Links for Chinese Religions and Philosophy

                Joseph Adler's page for Kenyon College

        Internet Guide for Chinese Studies

                Hanno E. Lecher's page for Heidelberg University

        Chinese Philosophical eText Archive

                Stephen C. Angle's page for Wesleyan University 

        Chad Hansen's Chinese Philosophy Pages

                Daoist-oriented perspectives (through Hansen's theoretical lens) 


        Study Guides on Asian Thought

                Russell Kirkland's page of useful condensations for Georgia University 

        Chinese Philosophy

                Richard Hooker's brief summary articles.