Steve Watson


      Information: Readings: Perspectives on Politics



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                Clear thinking through clear expression (or is it the other way around?)


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                Capitalism must disappear - because of its very success. 


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                The Bush Derangement Syndrome we see today is in a grand old tradition.


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                It's not a conservative thing.


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                A Rejoinder to Edward Thompson's "Open Letter to Leszek Kolakowski"


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                Authoritarianism is not the same as Totalitarianism, so treat them differently.


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                 There is no competitor to liberal capitalist democracy.


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                 Adaptations of the Marxist immiserization thesis blame America, but make socialism utopian again.


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                Much leftist praxis is informed by a single-factor analysis: it is 'anti-imperialism' über alles.


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                He found himself shouting at NPR and realised it was time to rethink his allegiances.


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                How Left moral idiocies drove one true believer to flee the fold.


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                The Left's attitude to any action by the West is reactionary and morally vacuous.


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                For a Renewal of Progressive Politics - desperately seeking decency.


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                A class is arising that sees itself as unattached to the nation-state, and is inimical to its values.


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                 The fourth and most vital tradition in American foreign policy formation.


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                Americans are from Mars, Europeans are from Venus.


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                The Anglophone peoples form a distinct and potent sub-branch of Western civilisation.


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                The competition between two conceptions of Law: Law of Good and Law of Right.


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                A new strategic distinction between core and non-integrating areas on the globe.


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                The ideologogical marker for the new Republican foreign policy.


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                A Congress of Democracies could organize the forces of progress in the world.