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      Information: Readings: The War Against Israel



        Martha Gellhorn, The Arabs of Palestine, The Atlantic October, 1961.

                A pathology becomes apparent. We now know that it doesn't get any better. 


        US Department of State, Road Map, Press Statement, 30 April, 2003 (reported by BBC)

                A Performance-Based Roadmap to a Permanent Two-State Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict


        PASSIA, Israel's Separation Fence, 2003

                A map of completed and projected sections of the barrier.


        Martin Kramer, 'What Happenend at Lydda', Mosaic, July, 2014

                Ari Shavit claims 'Zionism' committed a massacre in 1948. Not likely.


        Morton Klein, 'Deir Yassin: History of a Lie', Zionist Organization of America, 9 March, 1998

                A revisionist account of what happened at Deir Yassin on 8 April 1948.


        Michael B. Oren, 'The USS Liberty: Case Closed', A-ICE, 2006

                What happened to the American surveillance ship on June 8 1967.


        Palestine Liberation Organization, Palestine National Charter, July, 1964

                Adopted in 1964 by the 1st Palestinian Conference. Note the lack of Palestinian 'nationalism'.


        Palestine Liberation Organization, Charter, July, 1968

                The founding document of the PLO - still unmodified despite official statements otherwise.


        Hamas, Covenant, 18 August, 1988

                The founding document of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas.) Was it written in green ink?


        The Protocols of the Elders of Zion (pdf 109 pgs!)

                Is still being read all around the world.


        Nidra Poller, 'Myth, Fact, and the al-Dura Affair', (InfoTrac) Commentary Magazine, September, 2005

                Mohammed al-Dura's 'martyrdom' on 30 September, 2000 was a fabrication, and France2 knows it.


                Part 1, Part 2, France 2

                        18 of 27 minutes of the al-Dura raw footage. Released by court order in L'Affaire Enderlin.


                Appel pour Charles Enderlin, Le Nouvel Observateur, 2 July 2008

                        The French establishment closes ranks, launching a petition in support of Enderlin.


        Pallywood, 60 Minutes, March 2006

                The Arabs are waging a  campaign of lies. And getting away with it.


        Martin Seiff, 'The Jenin 'Massacre' [Part 1, Part 2]', United Press International, April, 2002.

                Tracing the origins of this blood libel and why it was so eagerly believed.


        Malcolm Balen 'Balen Report', BBC, 2004.

                Is so damning of the BBC's bias against Israel that the BBC has refused to release it. Watch this space!


        'SBS and the Middle East', Australia/Israel Jewish Affairs Council, October, 2003.

                Australia's 'ethnic' TV station appears to have a problem with the Zionist entity.


        Mitchell G. Bard, 'Myths and Facts', Jewish Virtual Library (A.-I. C. E.)

                Responses to standard lines of propaganda in the war against Israel.


        Efraim Karsh, 'Rewriting Israel's History', Middle East Forum, June 1996.

                Those wacky 'New Historians' and their larks and japes.


        Lucy Stallworthy, 'Palestinian Demographics Challenged', Washington Times, 25 February 2006.

        Zimmerman, et al., 'Forecast for Israel and West Bank 2025', (ppt) March 2005.

                Zimmerman, Seid, and Wise dispute the standard population growth claims for the Palestinian Arabs.


        Zimmerman, et al., 'The Million Person Gap', (pdf, 3.9Mb!) Bar Ilan University, B-SCSS-MSPS 65, February 2006.

                The population claims for the Palestinian Arabs by the PCBS are disputed.


        'The Red Cross Ambulance Incident', Zombietime, August 2006.

                A Hezbollywood production! A complete debunking - which the media and ICRC refuse to address.


        Stephen D. Cooper 'The Fauxtography Blogstorm', American Communication Journal, Vol 9, Issue 2, Summer 2007.

                A Concise History of the Fauxtography Blogstorm in the 2006 Lebanon War.


        S. Walt & J. Mearsheimer 'The Israel Lobby', London Review of Books, Vol 28, No. 6, 23 March 2006, pp 3-12.

                A summary of the argument in their book, with reader responses and their answers.


        Richard Goldstone Report of the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict, A/HRC/12/48 15/09/2009

                Israel is guilty of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and general evilness


        Richard Goldstone Reconsidering the Goldstone Report Washington Post 1/4/2011

                Oops. Never mind.