Steve Watson


      Information: Readings: The Culture War



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                Black Panthers and rocquefort cheese..


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                Crash the welfare state. It's for your own good.


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                The hoax article accepted by a respected, but uncritical, journal of 'critical theory'.


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                Remarks occasioned by John M. Ellis's Against Deconstruction (Princeton).


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                The abandonment of the Enlightenment ideal of reason.


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                I renounce Richard Rorty and all his works!


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                Judith Butler is a difficult thinker. 


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                Judith Butler is a prickly thinker. 


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                The fundamental dishonesty and ignorance of Said's 'Orientalism'.


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                Edward Said has fabricated his earlier life for propaganda purposes.


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                The original reply to Scientific American's hatchet job on The Skeptical Environmentalist.


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                The debate is over. The science is clear. We're heading for a new ice age. We'll all be rooned.


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                Doomed, I tell you. Doomed!


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                On the 'recovered memory' fad and the danger of hysterical science.


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                Julian Simon bet that conventional environmental wisdom is irrational doom-mongering.


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                The future is full of monsters! Make it stop!


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                A warning against politicised climate science from the UN's IPCC.


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                The 'Stolen Generation' wasn't.


        Federal Court of Australia, 'Cubillo v. Commonwealth of Australia', FCA 1084 (11 August 2000)

                The full verdict of the only 'Stolen Generation' case to get to the Federal Court.


        Keith Windschuttle, 'The Fabrication of Australian History [One, Two, Three]', Quadrant, 2002.

                Historikerstreit downunder. There never was an Australian genocide/holocaust.


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                In an open letter, real philosophers protest against Cambridge's honouring Derrida.


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                Interview with Habermas (an imbecile) and Derrida (a lunatic) on the aftermath of 9/11.


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                Why American films have ignored life under communism.


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                CNN's willing collaboration with the Saddam regime.


        Robert Elegant, 'How to Lose a War: The Press and Vietnam', Encounter, vol. LVII, No. 2, August 1981, pp. 73-90.

                The Big Story is that an 'engaged' media betrayed both America and South Vietnam.


        Emma Brockes, 'The Greatest Intellectual?', Guardian, 31/10/05.

                Chomsky was revealed as a flake so the article was removed. Cowardly red Guardians backtrack furiously.


        Philip Longman, 'The Return of Patriarchy', Foreign Policy, March 1, 2006.

                Patriarchy is a winning demographic (and therefore political) strategy - the future belongs to those who turn up.


        Robert Putnam, 'E Pluribus Unum', (pdf, 38 pages) Scandinavian Political Studies, Vol. 30 No. 2, 2007.

                Multiculturalism reduces social capital, despite what the author would like to have found.  


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                The Failure of Middle Eastern studies in America.  


        Andrew Neather, 'Don't Listen to the Whingers', Evening Standard., 23/10/09

                Cultural treason. UK Labour's migration policy really was intended to destroy English culture. 


        Wegman, 'Ad Hoc Committee Report on the 'Hockey Stick''

                The Wegman Report gives strong grounds for suspicion of this very convenient reconstruction. 


        Alleged CRU email - searchable 20/11/2009

                The unapproved datadump of emails and code from UEA's Climate Research Unit. Hide the decline!


        Chris Montford, Caspar and the Jesus Paper 11/8/2008

                IPCC shenanigans and the corruption of the peer review process.


        Petition for Roman Polanski 9/2009

        Open Letter from B. H. Levy  9/2009

                The great and the good come out to support one of their own - who drugged and raped a child


        Chris Santelli, The Rant that started the Tea Party, CNBC, 19/02/2009

                Not happy to pay for his neighbour's mortgage!


        CAS, A Crisis of Competence, (pdf, 87 pages) NAS, April, 2012

                The corrupting effect of political activism in the University of California


        Ioannides, John, Why Most Published Research Findings Are False, PLoS, 30/08/2005

                The nature of the publishing process biases towards false findings being publicised


        Kahneman, Daniel, A Proposal to Deal With Questions about Priming Effects, Nature, letter sent 26/09/2012

                "Your field is becoming the poster child for doubts about the integrity of psychological research."