Steve Watson


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        David Ulansey, 'Mithraism: The Cosmic Mysteries of Mithras'.

                The Cumontoctony: an astrological interpretation that makes sense of the ritual and iconography.


        Hershel Shanks, 'How we Lost Temple Mount', Moment Magazine, 2002.

                The Waqf are trying to destroy historical evidence of Jewish connection to the Temple Mount.


        Ibn Warraq, 'The Origins of the Koran: Introduction', 1998

                Really extraordinary skepticism of Arab historiography is justified according to Western scholars.


        Toby Lester, 'What is the Koran', Atlantic Monthly, 1999

                The sensitive business of koranic Higher Criticism.


        Jay Smith, 'Is the Qur'an the Word of God?', Hyde Park Christian Fellowship, 99 Truth Papers, 1999

                Not likely. Text from the Cambridge and London debates.


        Matthew Bogdanos, 'Antiquity Loss from the Baghdad Museum', September 10, 2003 10:00 a.m. EDT.

                A briefing on the final report into the looting of the museum. (The Uruk head was recovered 16/09/03.)


        Alexander H. Joffe, 'Museum Madness in Baghdad', Middle East Quarterly, Spring, 2004.

                The prejudices and interests of archaeologists shaped their responses to the museum looting story.


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                The methodology of the field is revealed as hopelessly flawed and the results almost worthless.


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                Palaeolithic cave art explained as records of shamanistic visions.


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                The ancient goddess myth debunked.


        'Bonnichsen vs United States', (pdf) 2004.

                The 9th Circuit Court of Appeal (!) saves science from PC stupidity in the case of Kennewick Man