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What's the Point of This?


A: Imagine this

B: Look at this

Something big wrapped in plastic

Christo Javacheff (2000) Wrapped Reichstag Project for Berlin 

A pickled cow

Damien Hirst (1995) Mother and Child, Divided

Some bricks

William Anastasi (1964) En Route (Stack of Bricks) Originally untitled

A toilet

Marcel Duchamp (1917) Fountain

A bike seat with handlebars arranged like a bull

Pablo Picasso (1943) Head of a Bull

Dirty sheets

Tracy Emin (1999) I Think It Must Have Been Fear

A light turning on/off

Martin Creed (2007) Work No. 227: The Lights Going On and Off

A picture of a soup can

Andy Warhol (1968) Soup Can

A really big comic book

Roy Lichtenstein (1962) Blam

repeat ad nauseam











What do you get from column B that you don't get from column A? Whatever you get has little to do with Art - if Art is anything more specific than 'an experience.' As Art therefore, the elements of column B are purely pointless.