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The Three-State Solution


When people say that they support an Arab state in the West Bank and Gaza that is ‘contiguous’ I wonder what they think that word means. How do they propose that the Gaza Strip is to become contiguous with the West Bank? Geography seems to be their enemy here, more than the Zionist Entity.


Anyway, it looks like the Gaza Strip has preemptively seceded from this intended state.  This was entirely to be expected:  the situation was always going to resemble Pakistan East and West more than Alaska and the lower 48. In fact, if the Israeli ‘Disengagement ‘ (should that project be taken up again) results in Israel retaining the Jordan valley and the borders of ‘Palestine’ following the proposed line of the separation barrier, that might create a situation in which the area about Hebron (south of J’lem) would seek to separate from the area north of Jerusalem.


During the period of German partition it was said by some that they so loved the idea of Germany that they would prefer to have two of them rather than just one. I wonder how much the people of the area love the idea of Palestine?