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02/05/2009 Confucians can torture
  Confucian pursuit of virtue really can't be interpreted as forbidding all harms to others. 
19/07/2008 Confucian canonical literature
  A helpful diagram. 
04/07/2008 Reason has its Place
  A reply to a comment by Colin McGinn, putting the case for some humility in applying our reasoning powers. 
24/06/2008 Pointless Art
  Modern Art. Huh! What is it good for? 
10/06/2008 Art and Pornography
  Reflections inspired by the recent controversy over Bill Henson's pictures. 
12/05/2008 Unilateral Declaration of Peace
  A modest proposal for the Middle East. 
11/05/2008 The Use of Wikipedia
  Wikipedia embodies a rival, inferior vision of scholarship
08/05/2008 T-Legality - A Modality for Legal Activism
  Apparently making a law that P means that P is the case. What would a logic for that look like?
05/05/2008 The Intrinsic Value of Plants
  The Swiss Federal Ethics Committee on Non-Human Biotechnology is convinced by the 'Last Man' Argument
25/02/2008 A Real Reason to Value Linguistic Diversity
  We should regret the loss of even small languages, because languages tell us about our mental architecture
22/02/2008 I Will if You Will (Save the World)
  Ross Garnautís interim report on what Australia can do to stop Global Warming will commit us to nothing
21/02/2008 On Castro's Resignation
  Thoughts on the Occasion of Castroís Resignation with reference to a conversation that I had with a small group of graduate students
19/02/2008 The Three-State Solution
  The two-State solution isn't looking too likely
17/02/2008 Secret Lawyers' Business
  Rudd's Apology to the Stolen Generations indicates that he believes that there's nothing to apologise for