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        'Palestine Post', Tel Aviv University.

                Archives online From 1932 to 1950.


        W. St. Clair Tisdall, 'Sources of the Koran', London:SPCK, 1901.

                A missionary's investigation into the source of the legends and tales in the Koran, Sirah, Hadiths.


        Bell & Watt, 'Introduction to the Koran', (not as old).

                A classic updated introduction to the history of the text.


        Larry Elder, 'The curious lack of curiosity about WMD', WorldNetDaily, 6 May, 2004.

                Interview with John Loftus. Where did the Amman terrorists get 20 tons of VX and Sarin from? 


        Jamie Glazov, 'Where the WMDs Went',, 16 November, 2005.

                Interview with Bill Tierney, weapons inspector. 


        Melanie Phillips, 'I Found Saddam's WMD Bunkers', Spectator, 18 April, 2007.

                Dave Gaubatz wonders why nothing was done with intelligence he provided to the ISG. Refers to:

        John Loftus, Memorandum 2007.

                Investigate John Negroponte. Claims of US administration incompetence in intelligence should be addressed.




                        Online travel guide service with all (really) the necessary information


                        A universal guide for China studies


        Orion's Arm

                They're building their own universe.


        Reporters Without Borders, 'Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-Dissidents', (pdf, 47 pages) September, 2005.

                How to set up a blog, be stealthy, use proxies, etc.


        Annie Jacobsen, 'Terror in the Skies Again?', Women's Wall Street Journal, 7/13/2004.

                Witness' account of a dry run of a terrorist attack.


        USMC, 'Small Wars Manual', 1940.

                How to win counterinsurgencies and influence people.


        A Complete List of Things caused by Global Warning

                Hysterical. Hilarious.


        Rebecca West, Black Lamb and Grey Falcon, The Atlantic 1941.

                Extracts from her book, in 5 parts. 


        Benjamin Lee Whorf, 'Science and Linguistics', Technology Review, 42(6): 229-231, 247-248.

                Newtonian physics was determined by the way that Indo-European languages treat space and time


        Stephen Pinker & Ray Jackendoff, 'The faculty of language' (pdf, 36 pages) Cognition 95 (2005) 201236.

                Chomsky et al. claim only recursion is uniquely human & linguistic. This is because they think MP will work.


        Jerry. A. Fodor, 'The Modularity of Mind' (pdf, 21 pages) Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1983

                The mind is a kludge in two parts: special input devices hooked to a general coordinator.


        John Tooby & Leda Cosmides, 'Conceptual Foundations of Evolutionary Psychology' (pdf, 63 pages) 2005

                From David M. Buss The Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, pp. 5-67 (ch. 1).


        The Postmodernist Essay Generator

                A randomly generated postmodern essay with every hit of the reload button


        Wu Cheng-en, Journey to the West (pdf)

               Adapted from the WJF Jenner translation (Beijing, 1955) by Collinson Fair (2005).


        Cao Xueqin, Red Chamber Dream (pdf)

                B. S. Bonsall's unpublished full text translation. Unfortunately, as images of a typescript.


        Records of the Warring States (pdf)

                B. S. Bonsall's unpublished full text translation. Unfortunately, as images of a typescript.


        History News Network George Mason University

                Articles, news, advertisements, and discussions on history and historiography.


        Complete Works

                Charles Darwin

                Charles Dickens

                George Orwell

                William Shakespeare

                Mark Twain

                        As it says - free online in a very readable format. 


        The Gombrich Archive University of Birmingham

                Works by the great art historian.