Mathematical Logic

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The EXAM will be on Thursday 11th September in the usual room (68-214) at the usual class time (12:00 to 13:00.) 

The exam will start at Noon. Arrive and get seated before then. 

The exam will cover the material tested in the assignments. You will also be asked to show that if S is a consistent set of formulae in a finite language without equality then S has a model.

It's a closed book exam. Bring only writing material.

(The answers to the last assignment will have to be made available very soon after it is due, so extensions will be unlikely.) 



Just FYI; the A6 referred to in Assignment 2 is called QS6 in the notes.



Note that the Tuesday lectures are now in 45-104.



Hello and welcome to the course. Have a look around the website. It should all be fairly obvious.