Introduction to Philosophy

   Course Outline




Internet Encyclopedias

             Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

             Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy


An Online Textbook by Philip Pecorino

             An Introduction to Philosophy


A Dictionary by Chris Eliasmith (ed.)

             Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind


Philosophy of Mind Collection of David Chalmers



Ethics Collection of Lawrence Hinman

            Ethics Updates


Free Will and Determinism Collection of Ted Honderich

            The Determinism and Freedom Philosophy Website



General Resource Pages

             Notes on logical notation

             Guide to referencing

             Jim Pryor's guide to writing philosophy papers

             Strunk's guide to writing in English



Academic Skills Workshops
             Offered free by Student learning Support in weeks 2-4, 5-8. See their flier for more information.



English Help Centre
This is a free service offered to Bond students for help with assignments and presentations. You can make an appointment on the booking sheets outside the office on level 4 HSS and they will help you with your work. If you don't understand an assignment question, don't know how to reference, have grammar problems, are having trouble reading and understanding the textbook, or are nervous about a presentation and want to practise and get advice about it from someone, go and see the English Help Centre. The website also has info on writing, reading and common grammar problems.