Cultural and Ethical Values

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   Assignment 1 (Due: 11:55pm, 29 June)

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   Assignment 2 (Due: 11:55pm, 3 August)

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What's Important?


Essay Marking Sheet


For your information, here is an essay marking sheet that I've sometimes used. It won't be formally used in this course, but it should give you an idea of the sort of thing that your marker is looking for, and what weight is put on the various items.

You will benefit greatly from reading this file



This is a concept that seems to be hard for students to grasp. Here's the short version: if you quote someone, put them in quotation marks and tell me EXACTLY where it's from. For books and journals you MUST give page numbers - why is that so hard to understand? 


Official guides to referencing styles can be reached through the library web site. I don't care which style you use. If you just want a simple guide to a 'good enough' style use my own guide to referencing




Here's some more helpful stuff. 


Writing Philosophy Papers
This is Jim Pryor's useful guide to writing which you should browse. Not everything is applicable here but most of it is good advice. 


Here are quick answers to a few hardy perennial questions:

1.    'Can I write in 1st person?' Yes. On the other hand we don't want to hear about your feelings. Your personal opinions are interesting only insofar as they are supported by argument.

2.    'Can I use passive voice?' Of course. All of English grammar is permissible. Welcomed, in fact.

3.    'How many references do I have to give?' There's no fixed number. Obviously the more research you do the more you'll know and the better prepared you'll be to argue a case. 5-6 items is plenty. 0 items referenced is alarming to your marker, but won't necessarily result in a penalty. It all depends.

4.    'Can I reference wikipedia?' No. Just no.


Writing in English
Strunk is an excellent guide to the basics of writing in English. I don't expect you to read the whole thing, but it's a good reference.