School of History, Philosophy, Religion and Classics

1st Semester 2005



Tutorial Problems 2 - For Week 3

From the text (6th edition) do:

Exercise I, p. 35.



For those of you who do not yet have the text the questions are the following. This is a service that will not continue past the 3rd week.


Exercise I, p. 35:


(a) Identify which of the following sentences expresses an argument.

(b) For each that does,

       (i) circle the argument markers

       (ii) restate the argument in standard form.


(1) Since Chicago is north of Boston, and Boston is north of Charleston, Chicago is north of Charleston.

(2) Towards evening, clouds formed and the sky grew darker; then the storm broke.

(3) Texas has a greater area than Topeka, and Topeka has a greater area than the Bronx Zoo, so Texas has a greater area than the Bronx Zoo.

(4) Both houses of Congress may pass a bill, but the president may still veto it.

(5) Other airlines will carry more passengers because United Airlines is on strike.

(6) Since Jesse James left town, taking his gang with him, things have been a lot quieter.

(7) Things are a lot quieter because Jesse James left town, taking his gang with him.

(8) Witches float, because witches are made of wood, and wood floats.

(9) The hour is up, so you must hand in your exams.

(10) Joe quit because his boss was giving him so much grief.


Here's an interesting extra question.


When you see the premisses

        Some B are A

        All A are C

you can easily reach the conclusion that

        Some B are C


What conclusion do you think you can reach given the premisses

        All B are A

        No B are C