Chinese Philosophy

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Internet Encyclopedias


             Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

             Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy


Chinese Philosophy Resources


        Nineteen Lectures by Mou Zongsan

                Translated by Julie Lee Wei with an introduction by Stephen Angle.

        Karyn Lai on ABC's Philosopher's Zone

        Chinese Text Project

                Donald Sturgeon.

        Chinese Cultural Studies: Texts

                P. Halsall's CUNY course resources.


        Links for Chinese Religions and Philosophy

                Joseph Adler's page for Kenyon College

        Internet Guide for Chinese Studies

                Hanno E. Lecher's page for Heidelberg University

        Chinese Philosophical eText Archive

                Stephen C. Angle's page for Wesleyan University 

        Chad Hansen's Chinese Philosophy Pages

                Daoist-oriented perspectives (through Hansen's theoretical lens) 


        Study Guides on Asian Thought

                Russell Kirkland's page of useful condensations for Georgia University 

        Chinese Philosophy

                Richard Hooker's brief summary articles.



General Resource Pages


             Notes on logical notation

             Guide to referencing