Chinese Philosophy

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   Lecture Notes

   Primary Sources 
   1    The nature of Chinese philosophy    
         Special Problems    Webpage    Word    Slideshow    
         Themes    Webpage    Word    Slideshow    
   2    Classic Confucianism: An ethics of engagement    Webpage    Word    Slideshow    Analects
   3    Alternative philosophies of society
         Mohism: A consequentialist ethics    Webpage    Word    Slideshow    Mo Tzu
         Legalism: The nihilist/Machiavellian response     Webpage    Word    Slideshow    Han Fei Tzu
   4     The debate on human nature
         Mencius: The optimistic assumption    Webpage    Word    Slideshow    Mencius
         Xunzi: The pessimistic assumption    Webpage    Word    Slideshow    
   5    Classic Taoism: An ethics of disengagement    Webpage    Word    Slideshow    Tao Te Ching
   6    Questions of knowledge
         Zhuangzi: Radical scepticism    Webpage    Word    Slideshow    Chuang Tzu
         The School of Names: Argument and analysis    Webpage    Word    Slideshow    
   7    The nature of Nature
         The Yin-Yang School: A primitive dualism    Webpage    Word    Slideshow    
         The Han Synthesis: Man as a microcosm    Webpage    Word    Slideshow    
   8    Neotaoism: The 'Dark Learning'    Webpage    Word    Slideshow    
   9    The arrival of Buddhism
         Mahayana: An introduction    Webpage    Word    Slideshow    
         Three Schools: Tiantai, Huayan, & Pure Land    Webpage    Word    Slideshow    
   10    Chan: The synthesis of Buddhism and Taoism    Webpage    Word    Slideshow    
   11    Neoconfucianism: The School of Principles    Webpage    Word    Slideshow    
   12    Neoconfucianism: The School of Mind    Webpage    Word    Slideshow