Pronominal Suffixes

November 14, 2016 – 10:14 am

Standard endings are: 

  M F
S 1 i/ya
2 -ka -ki
3 u -ša
P 1 -ni
2 -kunu -kina
3 -šunu -šina

Used on nouns and adjectives, which take special forms based on Status Rectus of nouns.

Formation rules:

  1. Plural:                 noun-m+suff                        [ummanatum -> ummanatušu]
  2. Dual:                    noun-n+suff                         [uznan -> uznašu]
  3. Gen Sing.:          noun-m+suff                        [bitim     -> bitišu]
  4. Nom/Acc Sing: Find stem

      Consider stem endings

  1. vowel: noun-m+suff                                           [rubûm(=rubaum) -> rubûšu]
  2. consonant
    1. Suff. is 1st sing.: stem+suff                     [bitum   -> biti]
    2. 1 cons.: stem+suff                                     [bitum   -> bitšu]
    3. double cons: stem+a+suff                       [lemuttum -> lemuttašu]
    4. 2 diff cons: find construct state

                        Consider construct endings

      1. 1 cons: construct+suffix                  [šiprum -> šipiršu]
      2. i: construct-i+a+suff              [napištum -> napištašu]

Case is obscured in 4.2.

Adjectives agree with suffixed nouns in case, gender, and number even where case is obscured

Suffixes may also attach to some prepositions.

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